Your visual brand starts with you!
By having your headshot taken professionally, you give your business a visual brand.    I'll create a professional headshot that not only portrays you at your best but showcases your personality as well.

Why have Professional Headshots taken?

  1. It conveys professionalism to your website, potential clients, investors, and marketing materials.

  2. A good headshot gives your clients and investors an idea of your personality before they meet you. A serious look portrays determination. Whereas, a smile portrays approachability. A good photographer will help bring out your personality in your headshot.

  3. It reminds business contacts who you are if they have met you in the past. Having a face to go with a name gives potential clients and business associates a level of comfort than just seeing a name.

  4. A current headshot gives people a sense to see what you look like now. For example, a lot of my new clients don't have a chance to meet me in person before their first photography session. My headshot allows them to know what I look like when I meet them at a location.

  5. It supports and enhances your social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Google Business, Facebook, and Instagram. This allows you to stand out from others who do not have a good professional headshot in their profiles.

  6. It feels good to look good in your photo! Confidence comes in many forms. Having a good, quality Headshot where you know you look good, builds confidence which can be seen by potential clients and investors.

Headshots can be done on location at your school or business, taken outside, and in studio.  Contact me for pricing and to book your session!  Pricing varies dependent upon Licensing usage and requirements.


Professional Headshot Portfolio

Professional Head shot-Round Rock Photographer- Austin Commercial Photographer-Round Rock Commercial Photographer.jpg