Sawyer's Birthday

It was birthday time at my house again last week.  Sawyer turned 3 years old!  And to be honest, he's hit the 3's stage.  If you're a parent, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  If you're not, let me enlighten you to the joys of three year olds.

Three year olds are worse than those terrible twos you constantly hear about.  Three year olds have enough independence where they can entertain themselves without you constantly supervising, but not quite enough where they can do everything on their own.  Therein lies the problem, they want to do everything on their own.  And they truly believe, they are big enough to do it.  So you have the wonderful adjustment of going from the toddler stage to the little kid stage.  Yes, they can get snack out of the pantry all by themselves, but they can't open it up or be aware they don't need 100 goldfish which just spilled all over the floor.  They love to argue over everything, and my 3 year old loves to say, "No! I do it!  I do it!"  Good times....

Moving on....

Sawyer still had fun filled day.  We made cinnamon rolls in the morning for breakfast.  He insisted on wearing his favorite sleeveless lifeguard shirt. He had a friend come over for a play date.  The afternoon was filled with eating a few pieces of Halloween candy and watching Wild Kratts.  He opened presents and blew out candles in his cupcake.

Even with the 'wonderful' 3's moving in, we had a great day!  Sawyer can be super sweet when he so chooses and a royal pain in the ass as well.  He's growing up quickly, and I'm doing by best to enjoy this stage of life with him.  Happy Birthday little man!

Love this this shot of him!

Traditional candle in our breakfast to start the day off right.

Show me how old you are Sawyer.

The Birthday Boy!  Thanks to Ms. Cori for the Birthday crown.

Playing outside

Eating his Dum Dum from Halloween

Opening presents (his older brother got to help again this year)

Blowing out his Birthday candles

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