Click Away and San Antonio

Last week, I drove down to San Antonio to attend the Click Away 2015 Conference.  The conference was filled with inspirational speakers and lots of shooting time.  I was able to meet up with my photography friends which I had a blast hanging out with!

As I was sitting listening to various photographers speak, I kept asking myself 'What do I want out of this?'  I think it's an important for everyone to ask yourself this question, no matter what your profession is.  What's my end game?  Do I even have an end game?  Does it matter?

Personally, photography brings me great joy.  I can grab my camera and get lost shooting just about anything.  Next thing I know time has just flown by.  It can be therapeutic, and other times, it can be a giant noose hanging around my throat.  It's important for me to stay focused on what I love and why I love it.   I love it because I get to capture those moments I would otherwise forget.  I'm still sitting here contemplating these questions, but it's good for me to remember why I started picking up a camera in the first place.

Here a few images from San Antonio and Click Away 2015.  It was a great joy meeting everyone there!

Emily IngallsComment