I need a tissue; there's blood!

When my kid comes running into the house screaming this phase, it drives me crazy. 

One, there's no telling how much blood we are talking about.  Is it a single drop of blood because that can cause catastrophic meltdowns and tears?  Or is my child actually gushing blood from a would that needs serious treatment?  It's a toss up half the time, but after many years of practice, I've learned to keep a cool head going to investigate 'the blood' after a statement like above is made.  95% of the time, it's no big deal, but there's always that 5% that sneaks up out of nowhere, jumps in front of you, and tries to scare the hell out of you.

After hearing said phrase, I grabbed a couple of paper towels and headed outside.  Did I mention said child ran inside to tell me this?  Hmm... perhaps I didn't.  See I really had no idea what was going on seeing as the kids were outside playing, and I was not.

Back to topic, I walk outside to find my oldest running up to me and blood freely flowing from his mouth.  My first thought was, "Damn it!  I better not have to go to Urgent Care again!"  (I'm very familiar with Urgent Care.)  Upon closer inspection, I realize he's smiling while showing me he has a gap in his teeth.

Yep, he lost his first tooth.  And he was very proud of himself.  It's been loose for awhile, but Dad finally yanked it out.  His smile was brilliantly happy, and I couldn't help but smile back as I shoved the paper towels in his mouth with instructions to keep it there until it stops bleeding.

My first baby lost his first baby tooth.  He's growing up, and I'm just going to keep capturing these images to show him one day.

Emily IngallsComment