Project 52

Where has the time gone?!

Alright I'll admit, I've been a little bit of a slacker lately when it comes to blogging.  Life's been busy in my household, and mom duties come before writing and posting.  Unfortunately if I don't do laundry, then I'll have to deal with children who aren't clothed.  Not that they mind, but general society frowns on naked children running around.

Here I am trying to get back into the swing of things after illness, work travel (not mine but I'm the lucky one who gets to hold down the fort), and mom duties.  It's catch up time!

Week 6 - Find the Light

I saw this pocket of light in the evening while cooking dinner.  I loved how the light came through the windows and caught the shadows of the window Valentine's decals.

Week 7 - Relax

I decided to capture a self portrait of my favorite way to relax, reading.  Getting lost in a good book, hands down, beats watching TV or catching a movie for me.  My mind can wander it can't in my normal everyday life.

Week 8 - Photographer's Choice

Sometimes we all need a break, so I could shoot whatever I wanted to this week.  I was playing around for another project and captured a double exposure.  A double exposure is 2 images layered onto one negative.  If I was shooting film, it would be 2 clicks of my shutter button on one frame of film.  Digital cameras are able to capture double exposure.  You just need to make sure your settings are correct for it.  Here's my double exposure.

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