Life Lessons: Changing Car Brakes

A couple of weekends ago, Andrew took the older two boys out with him for a life lesson.  The lesson being 'How to change brakes and install brake pads.'

My SUVs brakes started squealing, so I had asked Andrew to take a looks and replace the brake pads.  Andrew thought it would be a good idea to start teaching the boys how to maintain a car, and I agreed.  The boys weren't too happy about it at first.  Once they started helping with something other than jacking the car up, it was 'cooler.'

My brake pads ended up being fine.  However, Jackson and Cullen got their first glimpse of real life.  It's not always fun and games, and it takes work and effort to maintain a car.  Work hard, paly hard!  They even got a little greasy.

Of course, I pulled out my camera and documented it!  I'm an awesome supervisor! (wink, wink!) 

Emily IngallsComment