Texas Wildflower Season

It's the time of year the beautiful colors of mother nature take over the sides of the roads and empty fields.  You can see the splashes of blue, yellow, orange, red, and pink wildflowers taking over our normal green grass.

Although most only hear about Texas Bluebonnets (because it's the state flower), the wildflowers come in a vast array of colors.  My personal favorite is the Texas Indian Paintbrush.  It's a beautiful red/orange flower.  Just the sight of a field of them makes me happy!

Being the transplant Texan I am, I went to the fields with my kiddos to make a few memories.  My oldest was in school at the time, so I guess I just have to go back and take more photos (wink, wink)!

Even if you've never seen the wildflowers in all their glory, here's a small piece of a much larger picture during Texas Wildflower season.

These last 2 were taken last week during a cold front coming through.  The wind was around 30mph, and we were all freezing our booties off.  Sawyer had a Don King moment I capture on film.  It was too funny not to share!