Taekwondo Belt Testing

Happy Friday!  We made it through another week!

Jackson had his Taekwondo belt testing Tuesday night.  He tested and earned his green belt.  He is now officially an intermediate student. (gasp!)  He was definitely exhausted afterward and slept really well.

I'm crazy proud of him.  He earned it all by himself.  I sat on the Black Belt Board, but I refused to grade him.  I made another instructor do it (thanks Candice!).  Apparently, 'I'm too hard and critical of him' or so I've been told.  I expect the best from my kids, no questions asked.  If they can't do it correctly, they need more practice.  Of course, I have to sit back and remind myself he's only 6!  And seeing as I have my black belt, I see things from a completely different perspective.

Long story short, he passed!  He even did an extra round of sparring to help out another student.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!  Happy Easter!