Spring Break 2016

This past week was all the kids' Spring Break.

I was very wary about this week.  I had no solid plans to keep everyone busy.  I kept thinking of all the additional things I had to do with the kids home.  I was a little (ok, a lot) overwhelmed.  But I picked up and strapped on my big girl pants, and we ended up having a pretty good week.

We went to the playground, then hiked down a trail.  And much to our surprise, we saw a small herd of longhorns and a donkey (see my previous post for photos).  That afternoon, I pulled out an old school oscillating sprinkler since it was 94 degrees outside.  The kids had a blast running in around in the water!

Wednesday, we drove up to Georgetown and went bowling at Mel's.  We bowled 2 games, and the boys loved it!  Cassidy had a small meltdown during the second game.  Seeing as she's 2, I gave her a little slack.  I even bowled with them!  I'm a horrible bowler, and I didn't bumpers to help me out either.  I won't tell you my score, but let's just say, it wasn't good.

Thursday, we met a group of friends at Jumpoline in Wells Branch.  The kids jumped around, played dodgeball, and pretended to be ninjas for an hour.  And I only lost Sawyer and Cassidy one time.  With a place that big, it was bound to happen.  I found both of them in the back trying to play dodgeball with the older kids.  I bounced all of them around on the trampolines too. 

Plus, it was St. Patrick's Day on Thursday!  We all wore different shades of green, and I captured a fun moment with the kids.

All in all, it's been a good, exhausting week.  I collapsed into bed a few nights, and I'm definitely ready for school to start back up on Monday.

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