Longhorns and a Donkey...

...was not what I was expecting to see at all this morning.

I took the kids over to a park close by which has a nice walking trail connected to it.  The trail runs along Brushy Creek.  It also runs right next to a ranch.  As we're walking along, I see what I thought was a cow up ahead.  Turns out, the longhorn herd of the ranch was out grazing right by the trail this morning.

We saw at least 6 longhorns, 2 calves, and a donkey.  The kids were stoked!

Only in Texas can you go for a leisurely walk and find longhorns and a donkey grazing amongst the leaves and brush.

The only thing separating us was a barbwire fence, but I knew longhorns tend to be gentle by nature unless they're spooked.  I made sure the kids knew to walk slowly, use a calm, low voice, and they could get fairly close.  Luckily, it worked!  Jackson even fed the donkey some grass (which I'm pretty sure made his day!).

And I had my camera on me to capture this cool moment.