{Birth}Day in the Life

My little girl, Cassidy, turned 2 on Tuesday.  She's the youngest, so it's now official.  I have no more babies in my house.  After nearly seven years of constantly having a baby under 2 in the house, I now only have toddlers and kids.  It's a little surreal.  When all my other kids were 2, I was handling them and a newborn.

But to be honest, it's kind of nice not having a baby in the house.  No late night feedings.  I can sleep (mostly because I occasionally get woken up) through the night.  No more bottles.

For the first time, I can enjoy my toddlers instead of hoping they don't have a to use the potty while I'm trying feed a baby.

I started a tradition a couple years ago of documenting the birthday girl's (or boy) in photos.  Just so we can remember what on each year on their birthday.  It'll be fun to look back in the future to see how much they've grown and changed.

Cassidy's {Birth}Day in the Life

Birthday candles in pancakes.

Annual picture because Mom bribed me!

Trip to Target

It was raining outside, and she wanted out of her car seat.

Can't have a birthday without an epic meltdown!

It stopped raining, so I took her outside to play in the puddles.



Her current favorite book.

Helping me back her cake.  Can't you tell she was a big help?!


Presents with the help of Dad and brothers.

Cake time!

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