Walk along the Trail

We are lucky enough to have the Brushy Creek Trail just a short distance from our house.  The Brushy Creek Trail is almost a 7 mile trail which will one day extend the entire width of Round Rock, East to West, and into north Austin.

My kids love to walk on the trail.  I like it because the path by our house is almost completely shaded which is perfect on the hot, summer days we've been having.  The trail is runs along a rancher's land who has longhorns and a donkey.  If we're lucky, the longhorns and donkey are grazing a feeding next to the trail.

Last week was one of those lucky mornings.  All four kids tried to feed the donkey, but he wasn't having it.  My kids were mesmerized by the longhorns and just stood and watched them until I finally said we have to go back to the car.  I was getting hot.

Our trail walk.

Longhorns and a Donkey...

...was not what I was expecting to see at all this morning.

I took the kids over to a park close by which has a nice walking trail connected to it.  The trail runs along Brushy Creek.  It also runs right next to a ranch.  As we're walking along, I see what I thought was a cow up ahead.  Turns out, the longhorn herd of the ranch was out grazing right by the trail this morning.

We saw at least 6 longhorns, 2 calves, and a donkey.  The kids were stoked!

Only in Texas can you go for a leisurely walk and find longhorns and a donkey grazing amongst the leaves and brush.

The only thing separating us was a barbwire fence, but I knew longhorns tend to be gentle by nature unless they're spooked.  I made sure the kids knew to walk slowly, use a calm, low voice, and they could get fairly close.  Luckily, it worked!  Jackson even fed the donkey some grass (which I'm pretty sure made his day!).

And I had my camera on me to capture this cool moment.