Dare 2 Tutu

The Tutu Project was started by a husband who wanted to make his wife laugh after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  He donned a tutu to wear around and make his wife smile while going through some of the toughest times.

The Dare 2 Tutu incentive was developed to show a network of support and defiance for anyone confronting the disease.  The incentive went viral in 2012 and to this day runs.

It begs the question 'Do you Dare 2 Tutu?'  Would you wear a tutu around to show your support for someone battling cancer?

Almost all of us have been touched by this disease at some time.  I have personally known several people who have fought against cancer to have it go into remission.  I have also known people who have fought the battle valiantly who succumbed to this disease.

As part of The ME Project, we Dared 2 Tutu this week.  With some help from my youngest children, we donned our tutu to show support for whoever is currently battling or has battled and survived cancer.

Now, do you Dare 2 Tutu?  If so, show your support for this worthy cause.

Oldest and Youngest's Special Bond

My oldest and youngest have always had a special bond.

Since the day Cassidy was born, Jackson has been an awesome older brother to her.  He loved holding her, trying to feed her, and playing with her.  Even two years later, these two share something special.

Cassidy will follow Jackson around, and Jackson will allow only her in his room at times.  He'll help Andrew and I out when we ask him to go find and make sure she's not getting herself into trouble.  Because that happens a lot.

When I saw them sitting on the floor of the living room like this, I grabbed my camera and took the shot.  This image tells the story of how special their bond is without even trying.

I pray they keep this bond as they grow older.  Big brother always watching out for little sister.

And this will definitely come in handy whenever Cassidy attempts to start dating!

Emily Ingalls Photography Round Rock Texas Photographer Pflugerville Austin Central Texas Sibling Bond.jpg

Walk along the Trail

We are lucky enough to have the Brushy Creek Trail just a short distance from our house.  The Brushy Creek Trail is almost a 7 mile trail which will one day extend the entire width of Round Rock, East to West, and into north Austin.

My kids love to walk on the trail.  I like it because the path by our house is almost completely shaded which is perfect on the hot, summer days we've been having.  The trail is runs along a rancher's land who has longhorns and a donkey.  If we're lucky, the longhorns and donkey are grazing a feeding next to the trail.

Last week was one of those lucky mornings.  All four kids tried to feed the donkey, but he wasn't having it.  My kids were mesmerized by the longhorns and just stood and watched them until I finally said we have to go back to the car.  I was getting hot.

Our trail walk.

A morning with my oldest boys

This past Friday was the last day of preschool for my two youngest (whom I affectionately call 'the littles').  Which means, it was the last morning alone with my two oldest boys.

We've spent a lot of our free mornings at the pool.  With both of them finally being big enough to swim, touch the bottom, and not drown, it was quite a different pool experience than past summers.  We played with the diving torpedoes.  We floated on pool noodles.  We had cannon ball contests.  And we played catch with the football.  All 3 of us enjoyed the quiet morning pool time.

I was also able to run errands without all 4 kids around.  Grocery shopping was interesting with someone other than myself pushing the cart.  It was also interesting how a bunch of different food I normally don't buy ended up back home as well.

Since our mornings free were coming to an end, I tried to make it a little more special.  I took Jackson and Cullen to Café Java for second breakfast.  My boys are always hungry and usually don't turn down food.

After Café Java, I took them over to Ceramic Lodge.  It's a paint your own pottery place.  I let them each pick out a piece to paint.  Jackson painted an Angry Bird bank, and Cullen picked out a dragon.  Cullen got really into it!  Jackson is a little perfectionist with everything it seems.

It was a nice out-of-the-box morning for us.  (Although Jackson still wanted to go to the pool!)  I documented it as best as I could.

School starts is 20 days!  But first we have to get through August!

Café Java, Round Rock, TX

Working hard at his maze

Contemplating his word search and place mat

Word search

Perfectionist at work!

Concentration is key!

Final product before the kiln

Final product before the kiln.  He wanted to look fierce like his dragon!

Kristy and Ray's Engagement

I was lucky enough to photograph this amazing couple for their Engagement photos last week.  It had been cloudy all week, and I was seriously concerned about the weather taking a turn for the worse.  However, it ended up being a beautiful day last Thursday with clear skies.  It was the perfect weather for a photo shoot!

Kristy and Ray were amazingly, fun to work with!  They made my job easy!  Here's a quick glimpse at some of their photos.  Congratulations on your engagement and many more years to come!