Dare 2 Tutu

The Tutu Project was started by a husband who wanted to make his wife laugh after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  He donned a tutu to wear around and make his wife smile while going through some of the toughest times.

The Dare 2 Tutu incentive was developed to show a network of support and defiance for anyone confronting the disease.  The incentive went viral in 2012 and to this day runs.

It begs the question 'Do you Dare 2 Tutu?'  Would you wear a tutu around to show your support for someone battling cancer?

Almost all of us have been touched by this disease at some time.  I have personally known several people who have fought against cancer to have it go into remission.  I have also known people who have fought the battle valiantly who succumbed to this disease.

As part of The ME Project, we Dared 2 Tutu this week.  With some help from my youngest children, we donned our tutu to show support for whoever is currently battling or has battled and survived cancer.

Now, do you Dare 2 Tutu?  If so, show your support for this worthy cause.