Extended Family Photo Session | Round Rock, TX

When families get together, it's always a fun and interesting time.  Especially when it's extended family.  I was asked by a friend whom I've known since college to photograph her husband's extended family.  One of the family units was moving over seas, and they didn't know when the next time they would all be together again.  Of course,I agreed to it!  What better memories are created with our loved ones than photos!

Next time you see your extended family (even if you they live close to you), give each other a hug and appreciate the fact you can just be together.  Enjoy these wonderful family photos I took in Round Rock.

It's time for Mom & Me Mini-sessions! | Round Rock, TX

It's spring which means it's time for Mom & Me Mini-sessions!

These mini-sessions are so much fun for Moms and their kids!  I always have a blast with them!  And what's especially nice is they are great for any age.

Mom should always have photos of herself with her children. So no excuses this year!  Make it a priority for yourself to get into the picture with your kids.  Your children want to be able to look back and see you with them at all the stages in their lives!

This year I want these sessions to be about you and your children, so I'm offering $99 custom Mom and Me mini-sessions!  Happy Mother's Day!

Do you and your kids have a special bond over something?  Favorite place filled with special memories?
Do you Comic Con together?  Love Star Wars?  Love Marvel or DC Comics?
Bond over afternoon teas and coloring?
Play sports with each other?  Fish together?
Both love dancing?  Do you both have a love for music?
Can't get enough pink tutus?
Are you a true Texan and love the country and your cowboy boots?
Are you a Round Rock resident and love our round rock and historic downtown Round Rock?

Do you love being a boy mom?  Love being a girl mom?  Or both?

Are you a cool mom that wants fun photos in grunge, hats and torn jeans?
Always wanted an excuse to get those matching outfits for your kids?

Do you and your children have a love for a particular college or professional sports team?  (We're LSU Tiger fans in my house!)

The sky is the limit with these shoots!!  And the more customized I can make it about you and your kids, the better!

Mom and Me sessions are here!  Moms and daughters, Moms and sons, and Moms and both can rock these mini-sessions.

Have an idea for a theme for your Mom and Me photo shoot?  Great!

Want a Mom and Me photo session but not sure of a theme?  No problem!  I can help you and get your creativity going to make this all about you!

Give yourself an early Mother's Day gift!  Sign up for a Mom & Me mini-session!

Mother's Day is only a month away!  These make great Mother's Day gifts for that special Mom and Grandma!  Give your wife, mom, grandma, girlfriend or significant other a gift they will truly cherish for a long time!

Because I'm customizing these for each individual, all photo session will be scheduled by appointment only.  Please contact me at emilyingallsphotography@gmail.com to schedule your Mom & Me Mini-session.  Mom & Me Mini-sessions are $99 plus tax and include 8 high resolution digital images.  This special ends on May 21, 2017.

Great places to find Bluebonnets in Round Rock

It's that time of year again!!

Texas Bluebonnet and wildflower season arrive early in Round Rock and Central Texas!  And they are gorgeous again this year!

What does bluebonnet season mean?  It means Texans and non-Texans alike are in search of a great patch of bluebonnets to see, take photos of,  and get photographed in.

I've been out and about with my own kids the past two weeks, and I've come across a few nice patches of bluebonnets in Round Rock that I wanted to share with you.

Before getting into where some where the bluebonnets in Round Rock are, I want to make a small disclaimer.  Not all of these are parks and public property.  Even if there are not any buildings in a field, the field is still owned by someone and considered private property, so please be aware of where you go and what you're allowed to do.  And please, don't park your car in the road with your hazards on just so you can take some photos the bluebonnets.  I nearly hit a car last year parked in the right hand lane of a Forest Creek Drive because they set up photos in a field nearby.  It's not safe.  It's not only a hazard to you, but a hazard to other drivers and people trying to get by.  Be safe everyone and enjoy the bluebonnets and wildflowers!

Great places to find Bluebonnets in Round Rock:

  1. Off of Sam Bass Rd.  There are some great patches of bluebonnets and other wildflowers around.
  2. Teravista Community.  There have been reports of nice wildflowers, including bluebonnets, patches within the community.  There has also been rumors of a great bluebonnet field off of Westinghouse Rd.  I personally haven't seen it, but it might be worth checking out if you're on the North side of Round Rock.
  3. At Dell on 1 Dell Way.  Warning!  This is private property owned and operated by Dell.  You may be asked to leave if security sees you, but it's worth driving by to see the bluebonnets. 
  4. Old Settler's Park in Round Rock.  There's an empty field off the back entrance of Old Settler's by the baseball fields.  Enter the park via Red Bud Lane, and you won't miss it!  There's not only bluebonnets but also Indian paint brush.
  5. Clay Madsen Recreation Center.  To the right (of left if you're facing CMRC), there's a couple of thick patches of bluebonnets by the small creek.
  6. Empty field on Kenney Fort Dr. and Forest Creek Dr.  There are a few patches of bluebonnets.  This is private property and there's no readily available parking.  However, you can walk by or use the Brushy Creek Trail to reach it if you don't mind a walk or a bike ride.
  7. There's an empty field off of Gattis School Rd and Joyce Lane at the entrance of the Enclave at Town Centre neighborhood entrance.  The field has a lot of bluebonnets and other wildflowers.
  8. Field in front of Cedar Ridge High School has some beautiful patches of bluebonnets as well! (Thanks for the reminder Kelly Colson!)

Do you know of any other great places for bluebonnets this year?
List them in the comments so I can add it on to the list!

Go enjoy the beautiful, early Texas Bluebonnet season! 

Round Rock Senior Photography

I've been showing a couple of sneak peeks of a High School Senior I photographed a couple weeks ago in downtown Round Rock.  You've also heard me talk about how high school seniors these days are gorgeous.  Well, they really are.

Seriously when I was in high school, I was that nerdy, awkward girl.  You know how most teens go through an 'ugly or awkward' stage in high school?  Well, I was lucky enough to have mine last 3 whole years!  I had a bad perm going on (thanks for talking me into that Mom!), a mouth full of braces (thankfully I only had to wear headgear at night), and glasses.  Yes, I wasn't allowed to get contacts until the end of my freshman year.  Those photos of me are forever hidden from sight.

High school seniors these days blow me away!  Half of them look like they're in college, then get them in front of a camera, and I promise they look like full blown models!  I'm sorta jealous they look that gorgeous, and I looked like a frizzed out wreck.

Enough with my ramblings about my weird high school stage.

I was lucky enough to photograph this Round Rock Senior in Downtown.  She was beautiful, and so easy to photograph!  I think she rocked her Senior photos!  And a big congratulations on graduating high school!

Family Photo Session

Did you know any time is a good time to take family photos?

You don't have to wait until the annual Christmas/Hannukah or New Year cards need to be mailed off in the fall.  Family photos can be taken any time of year!  Esepcially in Texas!

It's been an odd winter down here.  We started out with very cold weather at the beginning of January (in the teens which is freezing cold for us southerners).  And last week we reached the upper 80s and 90 degrees.  The weather has been like rollercoaster lately.

Thankfully, I had an awesome in-winter like day in February for a family photo session!  We weren't sure if it would warm up, but we were handed a nice 70 degree day!  And I had an amazing time with this adorable family!  Who can beat photographing a family with gorgeous girls and a handsome husband?!

Enjoy this family photography session!