Round Rock Senior Photography

I've been showing a couple of sneak peeks of a High School Senior I photographed a couple weeks ago in downtown Round Rock.  You've also heard me talk about how high school seniors these days are gorgeous.  Well, they really are.

Seriously when I was in high school, I was that nerdy, awkward girl.  You know how most teens go through an 'ugly or awkward' stage in high school?  Well, I was lucky enough to have mine last 3 whole years!  I had a bad perm going on (thanks for talking me into that Mom!), a mouth full of braces (thankfully I only had to wear headgear at night), and glasses.  Yes, I wasn't allowed to get contacts until the end of my freshman year.  Those photos of me are forever hidden from sight.

High school seniors these days blow me away!  Half of them look like they're in college, then get them in front of a camera, and I promise they look like full blown models!  I'm sorta jealous they look that gorgeous, and I looked like a frizzed out wreck.

Enough with my ramblings about my weird high school stage.

I was lucky enough to photograph this Round Rock Senior in Downtown.  She was beautiful, and so easy to photograph!  I think she rocked her Senior photos!  And a big congratulations on graduating high school!