Another fun Family Session!

I love photographing families on a normal day.  When I get to photograph a friend's family, it makes it extra special for me.

And this family was another great photography session!  We had fun exploring the creek, finding out how cold the water was, and taking beautiful family photographs throughout the whole experience.  And big brother loved making his baby sister laugh and smile!

And of course, nothing screams 'Holiday Photos' like 70 degree weather in Austin, Texas!  On a serious note, I'm glad I wasn't freezing my butt off as were Mom, Dad and kids!

Check out some serious cuteness and family photos!

Tough Guy

When you look like you've won a prize fight but in fact just had a scooter accident, I take a photograph.

Apparently, the power boost Jackson put on his scooter was a little too much.  A tumble and fall later, he looked like this.  His knuckles and elbow were scraped up and bleeding as well.  He seriously looked like he stepped off the mats of his Mixed Martial Arts fight.

Good thing he's tough!

Mom and Me... Part 3!

I had an amazing time photographing Audra and her three boys!  Her boys reminded me a lot of my three.  They were fun, animated, playful, and loved their Mom!

These Mom and Me photos melt my heart because you can see the love these boys have for their Mom.  Check out another awesome Mom and Me Mini-Session!

And we ended on a silly string fight!  Audra was such a good mom and sport!