Newborn Photo Session in the NICU

Newborns tug at my heart strings.  They are so small and delicate!  Newborns can be so squishy and tiny, then they grow up so quickly.  I loved my babies (not so much the no sleeping part of it), but newborns are their own kind of special!  Which is one of the many reason I love newborn photography!

I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot newborn photographs in the NICU for The Tiny Footprints Project last month for Marva.

Little Marva came into the world early weighing 1lb 10oz.  She's a fighter with a loving mom and sister.  She was cared for with love by the NICU Doctors and Nurses at Seton Hospital in Austin.

Enjoy her newborn NICU photographs!

Newborn Photography_Emily Ingalls Photography_Round Rock Austin Photographer_Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_Austin Commercial Photography_Austin Seton Hospital.jpg

That tongue!!

Family Photo Session

Did you know any time is a good time to take family photos?

You don't have to wait until the annual Christmas/Hannukah or New Year cards need to be mailed off in the fall.  Family photos can be taken any time of year!  Esepcially in Texas!

It's been an odd winter down here.  We started out with very cold weather at the beginning of January (in the teens which is freezing cold for us southerners).  And last week we reached the upper 80s and 90 degrees.  The weather has been like rollercoaster lately.

Thankfully, I had an awesome in-winter like day in February for a family photo session!  We weren't sure if it would warm up, but we were handed a nice 70 degree day!  And I had an amazing time with this adorable family!  Who can beat photographing a family with gorgeous girls and a handsome husband?!

Enjoy this family photography session!

Family Photos

When I arrive at a photography session and find out my clients wore awesome color clothing, I get a little giddy.  Ok... a lot giddy!

I love when families were pops of color for their family photos.  Especially the color red!  And when I saw Mom wearing red cowboy boots, I knew it was going to be an awesome session.  Because you really can't go wrong with red cowboy boots!

And this family rocked their family photos!  Two good looking kids, a great looking couple, and a lot of fun had by all!  Check it out!

Another fun Family Session!

I love photographing families on a normal day.  When I get to photograph a friend's family, it makes it extra special for me.

And this family was another great photography session!  We had fun exploring the creek, finding out how cold the water was, and taking beautiful family photographs throughout the whole experience.  And big brother loved making his baby sister laugh and smile!

And of course, nothing screams 'Holiday Photos' like 70 degree weather in Austin, Texas!  On a serious note, I'm glad I wasn't freezing my butt off as were Mom, Dad and kids!

Check out some serious cuteness and family photos!

In Love with this Session!

I loved this family photography session so much!

From the beginning, they were crazy easy to photograph.  This family was awesome about having fun. We just chilled near the water and soaked up some warm Central Texas weather.  I was a little worried it was going to be cold, since it was really cold the day before.  However, the sun came out, the air warmed up, and it was a beautiful, cloudless day.

It's fun sessions like these that make me thankful for being a photographer.  Just capturing the connections between families and siblings make every moment special.  And of course, I captured Mom and Dad by themselves because it's always nice to remember where everything started!

Enjoy these Family Photos!