Family Photo Session | Round Rock, TX

Family photos in the spring are one of my favorite things!  The new leaves are coming out in the trees.  Everything is starting or true green.  The leaves are coming out of their winter slumber.  Flowers are starting to bloom!  Grass is green and not brown.  Spring means the beginning of summer, and that means warmer weather!

I love have family photo sessions when the weather starts to turn nice in the spring.  The only downside is when it rains, and it rained last month.  This family was so great to be flexible when we got rained out for the orginal date of this session.  It was pouring outside.  Thankfully, we were able to reschedule before school sports and schedule conflicts came up.

This family was great to photograph!  The Dad and I had a nice conversation about lenses for sports and how 'fun' it can be to photograph in fluorescent gym lighting.  The teenagers were great to pose!  And both the brother and sister were handsome and gorgeous!  And their son cracked me up with his self-confidence, and he was all about being photographed!!  That so rarely happens, and I had so much fun photographing this teen!

Spring time is a great time to get some new family photos done!

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Mom and Me photo session in Austin

I love photographing Mom and Me sessions!

Why do I love it so much?


Because children want to see photos of themselves with their moms (and dads!) when they grow up!

Think about it.  When you look at your childhood photos, do you look remember when and where the photo was taken?  Do you remember the argument before hand or the goofy joke someone told to get everyone to laugh and smile?  Do you remember why you picked that outfit and how 'in fashion' it was at the time?  You were stylin' weren't you?!

Grown adults don't look at their childhood photographs and criticize they way their parents looked.  They look at that photo and remember all the good memories that go with it.

Parents today (especially moms) will find every excuse in the world to not be in a photograph with their kids.  Here are some of the excuses I've heard:

  • My hair's not done.
  • I don't have any makeup on.
  • I'm not wearing the right clothes.
  • I just want it to be about the kids.

And the most common I hear...

  • I don't look good enough (aka I'm too fat and I need to lose weight)

Well, I'm here to tell you if you keep putting off taking family photographs with your kids, one day your kids will end up with a zillion childhood memories of themselves and nothing to look back on to remember you, their parent.

That is why I love Mom and Me sessions!

A mom or dad who is willing to step outside of their comfort zone in order to capture beautiful memories of them with their kids is a parent to applaud!

I recently photographed a Mom and Me session over by Mansfield Damn and Steiner Ranch in Austin.  I loved photographing this Mom and Daughter!!  We laughed and just a really good time which turned out some amazing photos!

Enjoy this Mom and Me photos taken in Austin!

Family Photos

When I arrive at a photography session and find out my clients wore awesome color clothing, I get a little giddy.  Ok... a lot giddy!

I love when families were pops of color for their family photos.  Especially the color red!  And when I saw Mom wearing red cowboy boots, I knew it was going to be an awesome session.  Because you really can't go wrong with red cowboy boots!

And this family rocked their family photos!  Two good looking kids, a great looking couple, and a lot of fun had by all!  Check it out!

Grandma, Mom, and Me!

Last Saturday, we had some serious thunderstorms roll into our area.  About an hour before everything hit, I photographed a fabulous Mom and Me session!

For one, I was able to get 3 generations in one photo.  And two, this family is flat out adorable!  They were all smiles!  Becky, Becky's mom, and her three kids were great to photograph!

Together at last... Family Reunion

I had a blast last week shooting this family.  They reminded me a lot of my Dad's side of the family.

My Dad's side is a fun, crazy lot.  We have our own concept of entertainment (not quite blog appropriate).  We make fun of each other but love one another at the same time.  Every time we get together, some sort of epic event happens in which an awesome story is born.

For example at my Granny's funeral, my aunt receives a phone call during the reception from my great aunt (my Granny's sister).  Little back story, my family is originally from New Orleans, but my dad's side now lives in Florida which is where the funeral was held.  My great aunt was at the cemetery in New Orleans getting the above-ground family tomb ready for burial.  My dad's dad (my grandfather) was buried there years ago, and his casket was not there.

In New Orleans, they have above ground burials because the city is below sea level.  Only so many caskets can fit in the tomb above.  As people die, they take their caskets out and rebury the remains underneath the tomb in the ground. 

The cemetery couldn't find my grandfather, who was supposed to be there.  And the workers at the cemetery refused to go underneath and look for him because they were scared.  My great aunt calls freaking out because Emmett's missing.  Let's just say, my family (and I) were three sheets to the wind and just about died laughing when we heard this.  Then started the jokes about how he heard my Granny died so he took off.  It's still a running family joke to this day.

So that's how my family rolls.

This family reunion was a long time in the making.  They were a fun bunch to shoot, and I kept hearing all the inside family jokes (which I totally didn't get but that's ok) said back and forth between members.  Enjoy!