Together at last... Family Reunion

I had a blast last week shooting this family.  They reminded me a lot of my Dad's side of the family.

My Dad's side is a fun, crazy lot.  We have our own concept of entertainment (not quite blog appropriate).  We make fun of each other but love one another at the same time.  Every time we get together, some sort of epic event happens in which an awesome story is born.

For example at my Granny's funeral, my aunt receives a phone call during the reception from my great aunt (my Granny's sister).  Little back story, my family is originally from New Orleans, but my dad's side now lives in Florida which is where the funeral was held.  My great aunt was at the cemetery in New Orleans getting the above-ground family tomb ready for burial.  My dad's dad (my grandfather) was buried there years ago, and his casket was not there.

In New Orleans, they have above ground burials because the city is below sea level.  Only so many caskets can fit in the tomb above.  As people die, they take their caskets out and rebury the remains underneath the tomb in the ground. 

The cemetery couldn't find my grandfather, who was supposed to be there.  And the workers at the cemetery refused to go underneath and look for him because they were scared.  My great aunt calls freaking out because Emmett's missing.  Let's just say, my family (and I) were three sheets to the wind and just about died laughing when we heard this.  Then started the jokes about how he heard my Granny died so he took off.  It's still a running family joke to this day.

So that's how my family rolls.

This family reunion was a long time in the making.  They were a fun bunch to shoot, and I kept hearing all the inside family jokes (which I totally didn't get but that's ok) said back and forth between members.  Enjoy!