I love November light!

It's November!

November means turns back the clocks an hour (and if you're a parent, dealing with your kids getting up at an ungodly hour until they're little bodies adjust), night coming very early, Thanksgiving, the months of giving thanks, and most importantly of all, November light!!

I'm sure there is a very specific explanation that involves the earth's rotation, star alignment, the moon's rotation, and a bunch of over astronomical data that causes the light to be some of the most beautiful of the year.  Regardless, November light is gorgeous!!

Golden hour sunset photos cannot be beat for light.  Every photographer I know, professional and hobbyist, love shooting in November.  It goes beyond it being our busy season and the annual holiday cards.  Seriously, it's the light!

Not sure why I'm going googly-eyed over the sun and light?  Well, first of all, I'm a photographer so I live by how light looks and how I can shape it.  Second of all, I'm a dork.  And lastly, I love beautiful photos with beautiful light.

I took these of my son in my driveway during golden hour (the hour before the sunsets).  The photos are warm and inviting and draw in the viewer.  It's all about creating a warm, welcoming, and inviting environment so the viewer wants to stay and look around the entire photograph.

November light even makes the mundane, like mowing the lawn, look more attractive :)