Another fun Family Session!

I love photographing families on a normal day.  When I get to photograph a friend's family, it makes it extra special for me.

And this family was another great photography session!  We had fun exploring the creek, finding out how cold the water was, and taking beautiful family photographs throughout the whole experience.  And big brother loved making his baby sister laugh and smile!

And of course, nothing screams 'Holiday Photos' like 70 degree weather in Austin, Texas!  On a serious note, I'm glad I wasn't freezing my butt off as were Mom, Dad and kids!

Check out some serious cuteness and family photos!

Color Coordinate for Group and Family Photos

When it comes to group and family photos, the question of 'Should we match?' always comes up.

My suggestion is to color coordinate, not necessarily match.

Matching isn't a bad thing, at all.  If you have a large group getting together (think family reunion or co-worker celebration) and you're wanting a large group photo of everyone in a special shirt, definitely go for it.  If you want to keep things simple and classic with all black or all white, do it.

However if you don't want to match, but you're not sure what to do, I would suggest color coordinating your outfits.

What's color coordination?  It's choosing colors that match while still styling everyone in the photo uniquely and bringing out their own personality.

In order to help you visualize color combinations, I've put together a few samples.  Basing outfits off of these color palettes will allow you to build outfits around your group or family photos while still bringing out each individual's own unique, personal style.

A few tips on styling group and family photos:

  1. Don't tell everyone to wear red (or any color), then expect all the reds to be the same color.  It's a lot more common than you think.  Clothing manufacturer's all use slightly different dye, so you'll never get just one shade of red.
  2. Black and brown can be combined and look good.  Think black tights with brown boots.  It shouldn't work but does.
  3. Let's face it, young kids look cute when they match.  Older kids, not so much. Older kids want to stand out from the crowd and be themselves. 
  4. If you're uncomfortable in an outfit, don't wear it and choose something else.  If you're uncomfortable in your clothes, it will show up in your photos.
  5. Pick a neutral (white, brown, black, cream), and then start choosing colors off of your neutral.
  6. Think of your setting and background.  Have a warm background, choose cooler colors to stand out.  Cool background, choose warmer colors.  Bright colors really pop with neutral backgrounds!
  7. When in doubt, ask for help.  As photographers, we can tell you if an outfit will photograph well.  Plus, we love to see families and groups rock their photo sessions!  Send us a picture! We'd love to help!

This is not a be all and end all grouping of colors.  And I am by no means a designer or stylist.  However, I can tell you if colors match.

And if you need inspiration on outfit ideas or color choices, check out Pinterest!

Tips for choosing clothes to flatter your Body Type

The holiday season is right around the corner!  You know what that means?

Photo time!

In order to make the annual family photograph better for everyone, I've compiled a short list to tip to help every flatter every body type.

First of all, it's important you know what body type you are.  Here's a breakdown of the 5 most common body types.

Most of us don't fit in a perfect box or shape.  That's what makes us so unique!  Try to find the one that fits you the best and go from there.  (And there is no wrong or bad type either)

Inverted Triangle
(larger chest or broader shoulders)

These body types generally have a larger chest or broader shoulders with a small waist/hip in comparison.  For this body type, you want to emphasize the lower half while drawing the viewer's eye away from the top half.

  1. Avoid sleeveless and spaghetti straps.  All this does is emphasize the top which won't flatter you in the photograph.
  2. Avoid ruffles or brightly colored tops.  Ruffles and bright colors draw the eye in, so the first thing someone will look at is the top.
  3. Pants/bottoms with more shape will draw the eye away from the top.
  4. Flaired skirts and skirts with movement help draw the eye away from the broadness of the top, therefore flattering your figure more.

The Pear
(fuller or larger on the bottom)

Pears generally have larger hips/thighs in comparison to their shoulders.  For this body type, you want to emphasize the top while drawing the eye away from the hips and below.

  1. Avoid bottoms with side pockets and pants with details at the hips or the thighs.  Our eyes naturally will gravitate to look for details.  When trying to de-emphasize it, plainer is better.
  2. Plain or dark pants are best.
  3. Wear a bright top and a top with fun details.  This draws the eye up instead of down.
  4. Bare arms and strapless are fine.  Baring your arms will bring the attention to the top half instead of the bottom.

The Column & The Rectangle
(both are fairly even from the top of the shoulders to the hip)

Both of these are quite similar as there is no sizable difference between the size of the shoulders to the width of the hips.  There can be a little difference but not a significant one.  For this body type, you want to create a waist.

  1. Wear a wider belt with a shirt or dress.
  2. Wear a shirt with a defining waist element.
  3. Wearing pleats or fabrics with shape built into them.
  4. Wearing patterns that create or draw the eye inward towards the waist.

The Apple
(larger top and larger bottom)

Apples are a bit more round in shape.  For this body type, we want to create a waist.

  1. Do not wear oversized clothing.  Big clothes can make you look even bigger.
  2. Wear tighter fitting clothing.
  3. Clothing that creates a waist works best.  Think Empire waist, single button jackets, and belts at the waist.
  4. Avoid high necklines.  This will make your torso look short.

The Hourglass

Think Beyoncé when it comes to the Hourglass figure.  You've already got beautiful curves!

  1. Wear tight clothing, not loose.  Show off those curves!
  2. Honestly, you have the figure everyone envies (including me) so don't be afraid to show it off!

Thislist is not comprehensive by any means, but more of a guide to help you choose a flattering outfit for photos.

Don't be afraid to ask for guidance from your photographer (me or otherwise).  Any good photographer should be able to guide you in the right direction on clothing choices and suggestions.  Just ask!  We'll help!

The Holiday season is here!  Enjoy!

Family Christmas Session

Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family!

After a rough beginning, these kids rocked this it!  I had smiles and giggles from Baby A, and Little E loved laughing and clapping. He even read a Christmas book to Mom an Sister!  I loved all the smiles and small moments with this family.  We even caught Dad in a photograph every now and then!

Enjoy this cute Christmas pajama session!

Family Christmas Pajama Session

Last week, I had a blast photographing this family in their Christmas pajamas!

I love sessions when a family is up for anything.  They let me come in with no expectations, and we all had a fun time!

What kid doesn't like jumping around all their parent's bed while laughing, playing and smiling?!  We jumped.  We played.  We even let Mom and Dad have some fun with us too!  The two sisters absolutely adore their brother, and it shows.

Here are a few of my favorites!