A morning with my oldest boys

This past Friday was the last day of preschool for my two youngest (whom I affectionately call 'the littles').  Which means, it was the last morning alone with my two oldest boys.

We've spent a lot of our free mornings at the pool.  With both of them finally being big enough to swim, touch the bottom, and not drown, it was quite a different pool experience than past summers.  We played with the diving torpedoes.  We floated on pool noodles.  We had cannon ball contests.  And we played catch with the football.  All 3 of us enjoyed the quiet morning pool time.

I was also able to run errands without all 4 kids around.  Grocery shopping was interesting with someone other than myself pushing the cart.  It was also interesting how a bunch of different food I normally don't buy ended up back home as well.

Since our mornings free were coming to an end, I tried to make it a little more special.  I took Jackson and Cullen to Café Java for second breakfast.  My boys are always hungry and usually don't turn down food.

After Café Java, I took them over to Ceramic Lodge.  It's a paint your own pottery place.  I let them each pick out a piece to paint.  Jackson painted an Angry Bird bank, and Cullen picked out a dragon.  Cullen got really into it!  Jackson is a little perfectionist with everything it seems.

It was a nice out-of-the-box morning for us.  (Although Jackson still wanted to go to the pool!)  I documented it as best as I could.

School starts is 20 days!  But first we have to get through August!

Café Java, Round Rock, TX

Working hard at his maze

Contemplating his word search and place mat

Word search

Perfectionist at work!

Concentration is key!

Final product before the kiln

Final product before the kiln.  He wanted to look fierce like his dragon!