Weekend Getaway: Fredericksburg, TX

Last month, my husband, Andrew, and I celebrated out 10 year anniversary.  10 year!  I must be a saint (just joking!).  Anyway, we got away for a short weekend and went out to Fredericksburg, TX.  We stayed at a cute little B&B called the Chuckwagon Inn

During out getaway, we tasted wine at the local Hill Country Wineries.  And I definitely want to go back because we were not able to hit a lot of them!

We took an entire morning to go over to Enchanted Rock and hike in the state park.  Albeit a hot morning, it was still gorgeous!  If you've never been out the hike the area, you should definitely go.  Andrew and I had a great time!  Just remember to bring plenty of water!  We could have used another bottle or two.

Even though it was way too short, we had an amazing weekend!  Check it out!

10 Year Anniversary!

We still got it! :)

And we can still laugh about at ourselves!

Chuckwagon Inn

Larry Bill's room

Cantina outside our room

Sunset on our first night.

Climbing Enchanted Rock

Top of Enchanted Rock

We made it to the top!

A flowering plant at the top of Enchanted Rock

Hiking path/stream

Hiking path/stream

Hiking path

Lake we hiked around

Another view of the lake with Little Rock in the background

Sunset on our last night

Sunset on our last night