A Dip in the Creek

Last week while the older two started school, I took Sawyer and Cassidy over to Pfluger Park.  It has a nice shady play area.

After playing on the playground for awhile, we took a walk down to the creek.  It took them all of 2 minutes before they started playing with the water.  At first, I just let them splash with their hands and tried my best to keep them as dry as possible.

I quickly realized it wasn't worth it.

Especially when Cassidy took off her shoes and socks by herself, so she could put her feet in the water.  At that point in time, I knew the battle was already lost.

The creek water was pretty cold, but they didn't seem to care.  I snapped photo after photo of them getting soaking wet.  And they were perfectly happy!

Enjoy photos of my wet children playing in the creek bed!

He loved the rocks.

And finally, Cassidy picking her nose.

Lensbaby Edge 80!

I had a birthday a couple weeks ago, and my awesome husband got me a Lensbaby Edge 80!  He's the best!

The Lensbaby Edge 80 is a fun, creative lens.  It allows me to focus on a slice in my frame while blurring the rest out of focus.

I've been taking it out for a spin a couple times a week to get used it since it's quite different than any other camera lens I own.  After some trial and error, I'm finally getting the hang of it!  Check out some of my recent photos with my new optic Edge 80.

Hugs from Dad

Last ride of the summer.


Time out for a snack

Climbing the wall

4th of July

It's been awhile since I blogged.  With my kids wrapping up their school year, then summer beginning, I completely lost track of time!

We've had a busy summer so far with swim lessons, pool fun, playing with friends, and trying to keep cool in our 100 degree heat!  But I haven't done any permanent damage to the kids (that I know of) and everyone seems to be having fun.

Happy belated 4th of July!

We celebrated our Independence Day on Monday with a few festivities.  We watched the 4th of July Parade in Downtown Round Rock.  It was the first year we brought the kids, and they loved it!  We started off a little rocky since we got there about 45 minutes early to get a good spot.  Patience is not a strong virtue when it comes to my children.  But we finally made it to the start of the parade, and I was told it was worth the wait.  Shocking! (yes I know said with all kinds of dripping sarcasm)

There were tons of floats and most of them threw candy which is always a win when it comes to children.  All 4 got into it!  We saw a few small bands and lots of red, white, and blue.

At the end of the day, I brought Jackson and Cullen over to parent's house to watch the City of Round Rock's fireworks.  A bonus was they're neighbors bought and shot off a few fireworks of their own.  It was legit since they don't live the city limits.  The boys also had fun playing with a couple of sparklers.  Lots of neighbors setting off fireworks.  Cullen and Jackson loved it!

I hope all of you had a great 4th of July!  And a big THANK YOU to all of our soldiers (both here on US soil and those deployed) for continuing to fight for our freedom!

The crew right after we got to the parade site.

Sunscreen application!

Cullen got tired of waiting for the parade to start.

More people out to see the parade. This was before it got really crowded.

The start of the parade!

Color Guard

Round Rock Fire Department's Pipes and Drums Band

What's a parade without the Light Saber Academy showing up?!

Austin's Roller Girls!

Our solider carrying our flags.

The gorgeous sunset I mentioned.

Boys and their toys! Or fireworks in this case.

Jackson watching the fireworks.

Cullen watching the fireworks.

Cullen and his first sparkler!

Baby Ryot

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing newborn Baby Ryot!  He is such a cutie!

Dad is a big football fan (Green Bay Packers to be precise), so he asked for a few football themed shots.  And because I love sports and fitness, I happily obliged!

Ryot didn't want to cooperate at first.  After 4 newborns of my own, I put my mommy skills to work with helping Mom and Dad calm Ryot down long enough to get the photos.

Enjoy a sneak peek!

Texas Wildflower Season

It's the time of year the beautiful colors of mother nature take over the sides of the roads and empty fields.  You can see the splashes of blue, yellow, orange, red, and pink wildflowers taking over our normal green grass.

Although most only hear about Texas Bluebonnets (because it's the state flower), the wildflowers come in a vast array of colors.  My personal favorite is the Texas Indian Paintbrush.  It's a beautiful red/orange flower.  Just the sight of a field of them makes me happy!

Being the transplant Texan I am, I went to the fields with my kiddos to make a few memories.  My oldest was in school at the time, so I guess I just have to go back and take more photos (wink, wink)!

Even if you've never seen the wildflowers in all their glory, here's a small piece of a much larger picture during Texas Wildflower season.

These last 2 were taken last week during a cold front coming through.  The wind was around 30mph, and we were all freezing our booties off.  Sawyer had a Don King moment I capture on film.  It was too funny not to share!