Daddy Daughter Dance

This past Saturday, the Clay Madsen Recreation Center hosted it's annual Daddy Daughter Dance.  After organizing and working this event for a few years, I was excited to finally have my daughter and husband attend.  Once the first three boys came, I figured Andrew would never have the opportunity to take a daughter to the dance.

Andrew dressed up to take Cassidy to her first Daddy Daughter Dance!

Of course, I dressed to Cassidy too!

They had a blast!  She was done after about an hour when she decided to lay down on the gym floor and lick it.  (yep, that's my daughter!)  Andrew took a quick video of her showing off her moves too.  It was fun for both, and I can't wait for more years to come of this special tradition!

And a quick shot out to the Clay Madsen and the Round Rock Parks and Rec staff for hosting another awesome event!  Thank you!!

Kisses for Dad!

and... she was done with pictures.

Project 52

Where did the time go?  It's February!

I seem to have gotten behind on my postings with all the craziness going on in my house.  I've been sick going on a month now.  I'm finally feeling better!  Hurray!  Yesterday, a stomach bug tried to take me down.

Let's catch up on my P52 project.

P52 - Week 3

This week's theme was Routine.  Everyday after I pick Jackson up from school, he does homework.  I'm a firm believer in getting homework done first, so he can play later.  This particular night was reading and math.

P52 - Week 4

This week's theme was My Favorite.  It could have been anything that's a favorite of mine.  I choose to photograph my wedding and engagement rings.  They're my favorite because they represent the love I have for my husband.  He's my rock.  We were just two college kids when we met, and a lot of people thought our marriage would never last because we were engaged after knowing each other for 9 months.  This summer will be our 10 year anniversary.

P52 - Week 5

The Seasons.  In Texas, our winter is random.  We get some brutally cold (or at least what we consider brutally cold) days, then 24 hours later we can have an 86 degree record breaking winter day in January.  That was the case on this day.  It was gorgeous outside.  We all took our shoes off, were playing on the driveway, and just enjoying the weather.

... and I hugged him and held him tight.

I will never forget the moment I saw him walk into the house fully clothed, soaking wet, and hearing him say the words, "I fell into the pool."

My heart stopped.

My stomach dropped to my toes.

It was too close of a call.

This is exactly what happened to me this weekend.  My two oldest boys, Jackson and Cullen, went over to a neighbors house to play.  About an hour and a half later, I see Jackson riding his scooter down the driveway through the window a good hour and a half before I told him he had to be home.

I went to the back door to find out what was going on when the door opened, and I got a good look at him.  He stood there in his jeans, shoes, and sweatshirt soaking wet.  Every inch of him was wet.  He stood there, shivering, telling Andrew and I he fell back into our neighbors pool, and he was sorry.

The poor kid thought he was in trouble.

I had so many emotions running through me.  Grateful he had the presence of mind to tread water until his friend could help him get out.  Thankfulness that this didn't end in the worst case scenario.  And anger.  Lots and lots of anger.

Anger after he told us the parents didn't come help him out.  Anger the parents didn't walk him home to tell us what happened.  Anger they didn't have a fence around the pool.  And anger at the parents who weren't watching the kids properly.

After getting him dried, warmed up, and in new clothes, he just wanted to go back outside to play.  We let him because we didn't want him to be traumatize or scared.

The situation could have turned out completely different.  I'm thankful to God and Jackson's Guardian Angel it didn't.  But I can't help being angry because the entire situation could have been avoided in the first place.

Jackson knows he's not allowed in a pool without Andrew or I present.  But he's also 6, and when playing light sabers, noticing your surroundings isn't a priority.

Andrew and I, both being former lifeguards and lifeguard instructors, are well aware of the dangers of pools.  We've both seen it with our own eyes.  At Andrew's insistence, we've never allowed our kids to have floaties in the pool because we didn't want to give them a false sense of security.  We wanted them to be aware of the fact they will sink.  We've always wanted them to have a good time and fun in the pool, but we also wanted them to have respect and a healthy dose of fear.  And now, I'm more glad than ever we did this.

As much as I get frustrated and irritated with my children on a daily basis, I love them fiercely.  I love their smiles and personalities.  I never want that taken away from me.

Hug your kids tight tonight.  Because life is too precious.

Before and After

My oldest, Jackson, is slightly obsessed with Star Wars.  He's been a fan for a few years.  When he was 4 years old, he went through a phase where he told everyone his name was Luke Skywalker.  The name calling stopped after a couple of months, but he's always love the movies.

With the new movie out, Jackson's love of Star Wars is back in full force.  He insisted on wearing his 2 year old Halloween costume while watching some of the movies this past week.  Yes, the costume does not fit him.  However, I decided not to make my life difficult and allowed him to squeeze into it again.

While wearing his costume, he asked me to take a picture of him.  I will never deny my kids photos.  When I took it, he requested I make him look cool.  I had no idea what to do, but after thinking and doing a little work, I came up with a cool look.

Here's my before and after of Jackson as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

And on a special note, Andrew and I surprised Jackson and his brother, Cullen, with Star Wars movie tickets for Christmas.  We'll be seeing it on Tuesday.