Why Family Photographs matter

"I don't like photos of myself."
"Just photograph the children."
"I don't like the stress of putting outfits together for my whole family."
"No one wants to see me in the picture."
"I don't like the way I smile."
"The 'whole family photo' is really stressful so I just avoid it."

I've heard all of these plus dozens more, excuses on why people don't like to schedule family photo sessions.  And to be honest, I get it!  No really, I 100% totally get it, and I agree with you.

Getting my four kids in outfits of my choosing, to a location that I like, and having them all be happy (or at least pretending to be) instead of pouting, grouchy, or just completely put out is my version of hell.  It's unbelievably stressful on me, on my husband, and then on all the kids when we (inevitably) lose our minds and someone gets yelled at.  It's not exactly something I look forward to every year.

However, I still do it.  I still get at least one semi-decent (thank goodness for head swapping!) family photo once a year.

Why do I truly encourage others to have their family photo taken every year?

Because it's a time in your life you never want to forget, and I want to make sure you have memories to pass onto your children.

We all grow and change every year.
Fashions change every year.
Hair styles change every year.
Hair color changes every year.
Children grow up, mature, and blossom into adult hood.
Parents grow (gracefully) into mature adults.
Your children will one day have children of their own.
Adults will graduate into Grandparenthood.

With so many variables and life changes, why wouldn't you want to capture your family in the now?

Look back at all of your old family photos.  The memories of your outfits, hair styles, location, attitude, and inevitably, nostalgia will all return with a vengeance.  Don't you want your kids to have that as well.

As stress as it can be, family photographs can also be a lot of fun!

My last family photo I told my kids to run around, play, and just be a little shy of crazy.  I got the best photo out of the controlled chaos.  It perfectly capture my family at that point in our lives.

Capture your family in the now before your children grow up.  Bring your pets along because they're a part of your family as well.  Don't let the time of today go by the wayside by putting family photos off for another year.  You won't get that year you lost back.

Be in the present and let me capture your family in the now.  I'm all about controlled chaos!

With all the excuses I could conjure up for you, I'm asking to please set aside time to get your family photos taken by a professional photographer.  You'll never regret the photos and memories they will capture.


Interested in booking a family photo session?  Contact me at 512-853-0899 or emilyingallsphotography@gmail.com to book your session.

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