Bowling at Mel's

Last week, Andrew and I took the kids bowling at Mel's Lone Star Lanes in Georgetown.

We had a bit of a rough start with trying to get bumpers up for all four kids.  Once we got everything figured out, we were rocking and bowling!  (see the pun I just made there!)

My two youngest had to use the ramp.  However, they were both determined to bring their ball to ramp all by themselves.  Luckily, no dropped balls landed on feet due to Mom and Dad's quick hands and reaction times.  I taught Cullen how to throw a granny ball, and Jackson is slowly developing a natural swing.

I, however, am horrible at bowling.  Just about every other ball thrown is a gutter ball.  I did throw two spares and one strike which I did celebrate!  Andrew is more of a natural bowler.  Although he contributes it just 'throwing the ball as hard as I can down the lane.'

Overall, we had a fun time!

Before I realized I had to teach him how to granny bowl.

And he dropped the ball too. Whoops!

Superb concentration!

Did I mention Cassidy was not having other people taking turns?  We had to keep her busy, and she was attached to Dad.