Newborn Photos in the NICU | Austin, TX

One of the greatest gifts I can give as a photographer is creating good memories out of a not-so-good situation.  And I have the best opportunity to do this when I get to have a photo session in the NICU as part of The Tiny Footprints Project.

The newborns I photograph come into this world under situations no one would ever want, but they turn into little fighters from the beginning.  Being a preemie is not for the faint of heart, but all of these newborns have an inner fighter's strength.  Their parents provide the best support system through unconditional love and encouragement.  When I am able to photograph these preemies who have grown big enough to called newborns, it truly humbles me.  Yet another reason why being a photographer is a joy!

I photographed Baby Jordan in the NICU at Seton Hospital in downtown Austin.  He truly is a little fighter and a healthy baby boy!