Family Photography Session | Round Rock, TX

Family photos are cherished.  At the time, it may not feel that way.  But in the future, everyone, including your grown-up children, will be glad they were taken.  I remember dreading having family photos taken.  The stress of getting ready, the outfits that were picked out for me as a child, the pressure of making Mom happy and being good to have the pictures turn out nice.  It was an ordeal since at the time, digital wasn't readily used by anyone.  As I look back at all those photos, I'm glad my Mom had them taken.  We might not have been at the height of fashion at the time (or maybe we were and that's how bad 80s fashion was), but those family photos capture a memory.

With that said, I love being able to provide those memories for families in Round Rock today!  Now I get to share those memories with others and capture another's family's love for each other.  Because sometimes, you want the photo of a two year old crying about someone else touching his balloons!