He lost his first tooth!

My son, Cullen, lost his first tooth on Wednesday... at school!

I'm picking my kids up from school Wednesday afternoon.  As they are crawling into the car, Cullen yells, "Mom!  I lost my tooth today!"

To which I responded, "Oh my gosh!  That's awesome!  Do you have it?"

Then he proudly holds up a Ziploc bag containing his bottom tooth!

Getting him to tell me how he lost it is like banging my head against a brick wall.  I know he must have lost it after lunch because I was at his school, in his classroom taking photos in the morning.  The only thing I can seem to get out of his is, "It just fell out."

My second baby lost his first tooth, and I still have no idea how he lost it.  He won't go into any details about where it happened, how it fell out, what he was doing.

I got nothing.

I'm pretty proud of him just because he played it off so well.  He's like, 'Mom, I'm just too cool now.'  And I'm like 'Whoa buddy, take the coolness factor down a notch.'

Of course I took a photo of his first toothless smile!  So proud of my little man!