Newborn Photo Session in the NICU | Austin, TX

There's nothing quite like having a photography session of twin boys in the NICU to humble me.

It's getting towards the end of summer which means I'm counting down the days until school starts for my children.  Between the bickering amongst themselves and not getting any along time, I'm ready for school to start.  I love my children, but like any good mom, I need time away from them for my own sanity.  I can only take hearing, "Mom, (insert any child's name here) hit me," or "Mom, what are we eating for dinner, breakfast, or lunch?"  It just gets old after awhile, very old.

Enter The Tiny Footprint Project and sweet twins.  These twin boys were in the NICU for 6 weeks after being born early.  Their parents were the sweetest couple and couldn't wait to get their twin boys home.  It's moments when talking to the parents in the NICU that I love the most because they unknowingly put life into perspective.  And it came at the perfect time.  They were able to bring their twins home just a few days after this newborn NICU photo session.  Give some loving to these cute twin boys!