Family Photo Session | Georgetown, TX

Photographing families is a joy for me as a photographer!  I love the connections in families, especially between the parents and child!

This session was a little extra special because they had not had family photos taken since their son was a baby.  It was their first true family photographs.  They were a blast to shoot!  Their son had so much energy, and Mom and Dad just rolled with it.  Plus, we had a gorgeous sunset in Georgetown, Texas to work with (which is always a bonus!).  I love backlight and sun flares at Golden Hour!

Enjoy this beautiful family and their first family photo session!

Family Mini Photo Session | Pflugerville, TX

I shot this family at Lake Pflugerville during Golden Hour.  Golden Hour is a term used by photographers to indicate the last hour of sunlight in the day.  As a photographer, it is my absolute favorite time to photograph anybody.  The sun is a beautiful golden color, the sky turns all these beautiful colors, and I can get a little more creative with the light.

Check out this beautiful family mini photo session!

Family Mini Photo Session | Pflugerville, TX

It's been crazy around my house lately!

With Thanksgiving the week before last and all the preparation that goes into it, plus my kids being out of school for a whole week, I haven't been able to blog about any of my recent (and not so recent) photo sessions.  So bare with me as I try to catch up on all my photo blogging.

I shot a few family mini-sessions out at Lake Pflugerville back in October.  Yes, I'm that fa behind(eek!).  All of the families were a blast to work with!  I got to shoot this lovely family friend of mine and her adorable children.  Seriously, they both are so stinkin' cute!  Enjoy this family photo session!

Family Mini Photo Session | Pflugerville, TX

Holiday and Fall family photo sessions are in full swing around here.  It's just that time of year!

I had family mini-sessions scheduled far in advance for this family.  Unfortunately, I can't schedule the weather too!  We had a cold front that blew in this weekend, and it got cold here in Texas.  The wind was constantly blowing hard, and it was in the 50s.  And for us Texans, that's really cold; especially when the previous day hit the 80 degree mark.

Luckily this family were troopers and bared the cold, windy weather to have their family photos taken.  Enjoy!

Family Photo Session | Austin, TX

Graffiti Hill at Castle Park.  Need I say more?

When this family approached me with having their family photos taken at Graffiti Hill at Castle Park in Austin, I was so excited!  Excited because I had never had a photo shoot there.  Excited because having a family photo shoot with colors galore in the background is quite different from the natural, greenery setting I usually photograph in.  And excited because it was a new challenge for me!

I am thrilled with how this family's photos came out!  Graffiti Hill is very Austin.  And if you have no idea what I mean by that, let me explain.  Austin, Texas is a hip, cool, and weird city.  Keep Austin Weird are not just words but a motto around here.  It's cool, funky vibe separates it from the rest of the cities in Texas.  And Graffiti Hill definitely fits that description.

Plus at the top, is a beautiful skyline view of Austin.

Enjoy these funky, cool family photos!